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Check to see if we deliver to your area, we now deliver to our local area!

Check to see if we deliver to your area, we now deliver to our local area!

About Us



SUBMARINE KING was first originated back in the 70's based out of Miami Florida. This is where all the school kids worked to get by to have fun and have funds to buy their race car parts and of course the ladies would have the extra funds to buy their new fancy clothing. So in short, we decided to bring Submarine King back and take the name down a notch and be more specific to SUBKING, king of Subs, after all we made the best submarine subs in Miami Florida. Using only the finest ingredients as always and freshest meats available, homemade breads, and the freshest ingredients on a daily basis. All of our fresh cut vegetables are brought in from local vendors. Our sub rolls are made fresh on a daily basis. Our employees are still working part time as they put themselves through school, and yes, the kids are still buying parts for their cars and the gals are fashionably dressing.

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SUBKING, King of Subs

The first store Submarine King was opened in Perrine Florida in 1975. Our goal is to have 500 Subking stores opened in 5 years.


Finding Great Locations is simple

Locations are very important to SUBKING, we want to be in all the best shopping centers across the USA.



Hot off the grill subs is the future of the subshop industry, we can feed the breakfast, launch and diner crowd. The rest are dinosaurs...

Stop by and try the best subs ever!

We use all-natural, high-quality meats, and we slice and weight each portion to perfection daily. Our veggies are locally purchased, delivered fresh to our store, and hand-sliced daily.